Paul Seligson


Paul Seligson has been involved in TEFL for over 30 years and is well-known globally for giving lively, highly practical talks and training sessions. He has taught in Algeria, France, Egypt, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, the UK and Spain where he spent 5 years as ADOS at the British Council in Valencia. He also set up and ran his own language school in Brighton and has vast experience at all levels of school management. An MA in TEFL and a CELTA assessor, his many primary, secondary and adult publications include Helping Students to Speak for the Richmond Teacher’s Handbook Series, which he also edits, English File (OUP), English Teacher’s Portfolio (British Council, Brazil), Essential English 1-5 and Kids’ Web (both Richmond). In total, he has published over 40 books, along with scores of articles in international magazines. He has trained teachers in four continents, run COTE, DOTE, CELTA, DELTA, FTBE, Graduate and Post-graduate courses and given hundreds of conference sessions worldwide, in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. He has also done consultancy work at scores of universities in Europe, North Africa, Western and Central Asia, and Latin America, and set up observation programmes in Spain, Turkey and Mexico. Most recently, he has been involved in providing training for State School teachers around Brazil.